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Daily Miracles wins the American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award


How does caring and compassion show up in the demanding and often chaotic experience of day-to-day-practice?

I joined with Jan Boller, RN and twenty other registered nurses at a community hospital in California for a sustained dialogue on that question.  Lasting two years and meeting over twenty times, the conversations often emerged from the direct experience of the nurse’s day.  Telling stories, discussing key principles of caring, and even taking a field trip to walk the labyrinth with Lauren Artress at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, the dialogues helped reveal the inner landscape of  both caring and caretaker. Using principles of appreciative inquiry, reflective practice, generative dialogue, and the power of speaking in circle, the work was an affirmation that when people are ill they need a team to care for them, and so do caregivers need to be part of a group that cares together.

Daily Miracles was an outcome of these dialogues, demonstrating through story, principles, and practices the power of human encounter to heal and make whole.  Joined with my original photography, the book has a beauty and spaciousness that is reflective of the book’s message and perfect for anyone who wishes to experience relationship centered care as a lived experience.

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